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New Plaza Tours is an International company related to the tourist industry, offering hotels and services throughout the world for travelers. Our online hotel & transfers booking system is offered for professionals and public users to benefit from a wide range of travel products in more than 110 destinations.

New Plaza Tours established years ago in Beirut. Is one of the most specialized Lebanese travel agencies and travel industry. Its staff, composed of 50 experienced members with Five Branches spread over all Lebanese territory, coupled to its continuous creativity have made it the pioneer in many fields.

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New Plaza Tours has 3 offices in Lebanon. Beirut, Hamra. Beirut, Tayouneh and Saida, where we offer the widest selection of destinations, tours, packages and hotel accommodations for everlasting and exceptional memories.

New Plaza Tours offers a 24/7 Professional Assistance service that includes the Weekends and Holidays. Our Customer Service Representatives are ready to answer your queries.

Feel free to call our hot-line anytime: +961 76 301 303


Emara Building, Ground Floor near Beirut Mall

Phone: +961 1 39 39 55

Email: info@newplazatours.net

Beirut, Hamra

Arisco Palace Center, Kantari Street, Ground Floor

Phone: +961 1 34 56 70

Email: info@newplazatours.net

Jdeideh, Facing City Mall

Montelibano Building, Ground Floor, Near SGBL

Phone: +961 1 888 925

Email: info@newplazatours.net

Saida, Eastern High Way

Darazi Building, Ground Floor, Near Patchi

Phone: +961 7 7 38 48 1

Email: info@newplazatours.net

Junieh, High Way

Rashed Center, Near Khebz Al Sultan

Phone: +961 9 93 63 36

Email: info@newplazatours.net

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